The FARM Cast:

Michael Hotop as Charlie

Michael David Hotop grew up in a family of seven outside of Perryville, Missouri. Although FARM is his first feature film, he has an extensive background in short films and theatrical productions, winning Best Supporting Actor in his first play, "The Good Doctor." Before FARM, he attended Southeast Missouri State University and worked construction and factory jobs. After FARM, Michael decided to start a band called "4 Years Apart" in addition to acting.

Ashley Salazar as Sarah

Ashley Salazar is a professional Latina model/actress that has been featured in television and Internet commercials, music videos, magazines, movies, and promotional work. Aside from modeling and acting, she loves being a mother and fighting amateur female MMA. Ashley currently resides in the St. Louis area where she is building her professional photography business.

Freddie Meyer as Simon

Freddie Meyer is an ambitious young artist from the south suburbs of Chicago. He began as a musician in the short lived band, "Last Stand," and is a natural when it comes to playing the drums, piano, and guitar. Although the character of Simon has a much different personality from his own, Freddie enjoyed the challange of bringing the character from script to screen.